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Solar pool heating systems capture the free energy from the sun and uses it to heat the swimming pool. Solar energy is very effective at heating swimming pools due to the lower temperature requirements of the pool which allows the solar panels to run at their highest efficiency.

The Solar Thermal Pool Heating System installation process:

  • Panels or tubes on your roof absorb energy from the sun and transfer into a special fluid– they are known as the collectors
  • The fluid in the panels heats up
  • This fluid is pumped through a heat exchanger
  • This transfers the heat to the pool water after it has been circulated through the pool filter

Solar thermal panels are far more efficient than both PV (electric) panels and thermodynamic heat pumps meaning they take up less roof space and are cheaper to operate for heating water.

Solar thermal collectors can be installed on your house, garage, outbuilding or garden. They can be orientated anywhere from West through South to East and they can be on a flat roof, sloping roof, or even on a vertical wall.