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Hello, sorry for not doing a blog recently, but to be honest, we've not go much to say! We're still here, still beavering away installing, repairing and servicing solar thermal systems. We've been doing this for over 10 years now, and Kai has seen everything to do with solar thermal, like we say on our Repairs page, 'if we can't mend it, no one can" Kai has gained so much experience over the last decade.
Although most of our work is local to us in the East Midlands - Leicestershire, Northants, Derbys, Notts, etc. We have been getting calls as far away as Wales, Hull and London, simply because there are so few specialised solar thermal experts in the country.
So we're still at it, working hard and sweating away in lofts and roofs (who needs the gym?!), give us a call if you need anything (obviously solar related - not just if you want someone to make you a cup of tea!)
Have a great summer.