After a very busy 2017, 2018 has started with more repairs and servicing than ever before.
We took the decision this year to not renew our MCS certification, so we can no longer offer customers the chance to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive. We have been MCS accredited since 2007 so it was something we believed in and we have done many MCS installations over the years. However our business is seeing so much work in repairs and servicing and we recieve so few requests for new installations that we no longer saw the sense in renewing. The idea behind MCS was to set a high standard of installation - like quality control. Unfortunately is just hasn't worked ....more and more of the systems we now repair were installed by MCS companies. The costs and time to be MCS are also significant, and when the people doing that certification each year have very little technical knowledge, you can see why we have lost heart in the process.
As an example, during my last inspection for MCS renewal I purposely left a fault in the system to see if the inspector would notice it. The fault was a low pressure in the solar circuit and could cause no end of problems if left unchecked. It wasn't noticed until I pointed it out, and I was told to top it up later. The inspector was far more concerned with my paperwork about my quality control systems than the actual quality of my installations!
I will continue to offer new installations, and now I am not MCS I can offer them at a cheaper cost than before but still using the same high quality systems and components.